Our Story

Living Walls was established in the early 1990s by Kieron Beattie following the success of his landscaping company, it became clear that many customers were looking for solutions to problems of screening, security and design. Rather than fencing, brick walls and security wire— customers wanted something more cost effective, quicker and more environmentally sound.

Using our Living Walls to provide instant screening is often more aesthetically pleasing and increases the area's biodiversity, by providing ecosystems for insects and birds. Living Walls also help reduce noise for both residents and pedestrians.

From our beautiful nurseries in Monxton, we provide a wide range of instant hedging and trained climbers. These are grown on from carefully selected stock and planted in our tailored growing medium. We use a proven Air Pot system and keep our plants in well-spaced tiers, ensuring that these are trimmed regularly to increase density. 

Building on KBL's forty years of expertise, Living Walls has evolved with a passion for quality, sustainability and a commitment to providing individual solutions for its customers.